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Christine Atieno:

Chairperson, of (SSN-Af) South-South Network Engagement – Africa . Founding Core Group and a member of the South-South Network (SSN) International Secretariat. An Executive Committee member and Co-Convener of Peace, Security and Development Commission-PSD COMM, IPRA (International Peace Research Association); Current Honorary Board Treasurer, Architectural Association of Kenya Savings and Credit Cooperative Society;  Peace-Building consultant who has worked for regional and international organizations, namely: Feminenza International, Kenya Chapter Representative–Finance (2007-2008); Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission/ Convergent International, Program Officer - Liaison (2004–2006) and Geneva Call, Program Assistant (2000–2003).  

Research Interests: Conflict-resolution and mediation, peace-building, peace processes and reconciliation, International relations, International humanitarian and human rights law (IHL), human security, human development, democratization and good governance, military engagement, law enforcement, criminal prosecution, economic sanctions, leadership and management, internal armed conflicts.

   Matt Meyer

Meyer is an internationally recognized author, academic, organizer, and educator who currently serves as National Co-chair of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the oldest interfaith peace and justice group in US history. As former National Chair of the War Resisters League, has been elected to the top position of both historic organizations. In 2018, Meyer was appointed Senior Research Scholar of the University of Massachusetts/Amherst Resistance Studies Initiative.

Meyer has led seminars, nonviolence trainings, and conferences in over sixty countries on five continents; he is the United Nations representative for the International Peace Research Association, and an Executive Committee member of that organization. He is also the Africa Support Network Coordinator for the War Resisters International, and is a member of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation Financial Advisory Committee. Argentine Nobel Peace laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel, who wrote the Introduction to Meyer’s encyclopedic anthology Let Freedom Ring (2008) on contemporary movements to free political prisoners, noted that “Meyer is a coalition-builder,” one who “provides tools for today’s activists” in his writings and his work.


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